ACEO Cards are collectible trading cards 2 1/2" by 3 1/2". They are " miniature works of art" done    in   all types of  medium , including  photography.  ACEO CARDS are collected all over the           world, they make great gifts,  can be framed,  given as prizes at clubs,  fun for scrapbooking and just plain fun to collect. They are very affordable works of art.                                                                                                             Check out myACEO Original Cards done in ink and  watercolor at    The ACEO Photo Cards are copied editions done on my conputer of Original Photos that I took. You are purchasing the ACEO photo, signed, although I retain all copyrights.                                                                                                                                   Each Card enclosed in a clear plastic sleeve.     $15 each      Free Shipping
         #69                                                #51                                                #70                                           #53

                   #66                                                                 #50                                                  #62

                         #57                                                     #67                                                              #65

                 #56                                                  #54                                                                     #59

                         #52                                                   #64                                                            #55

                All Photos are low resolution to prevent copying, your purchase will be high resolution                                                                                            photos by cheryl 2009  ©

       Check out more of my photos at my new website at

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